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Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 Reasons to Consume and Use Honey

The Promised Land was called a land flowing with milk and honey, so there must be something amazing about this "liquid gold" as Dr. Oz calls it... Since this week is about switching out the sugar and replacing your sweet tooth with honey, I thought I'd share some amazing benefits of honey!

1. Heals wounds and prevents scarring because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properites
2. Suppresses cough when mixed with warm water and lemon before bed!
3. Instant Energizer!
4. Burns Fat--yes I also was excited when I read that. When combined with warm water it helps digest stored fat!
5. Stabilizes blood sugar (opposite of what refined sugar does)
6. Cleanses Body--Honey contains antioxidants!
7. Reduces Allergies when you buy local honey or honey from a similar environment you live in, it builds up your immunity to different allergens in the atmosphere!
8. Calms Nerves--doesn't the thought of it seem calming?
9. Helps you breath--several people that suffer from asthmas swear by it.
10. Makes you smart! Honey contains glucose, essential for the functioning of your brain!

Now don't eat too much! But when you are drizzling it over your almond butter toast, or sweetening your coffee you can remember all of these wonderful things about it.

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